Every day we try to make your trading more comfortable

The goal of our company is to make the trading of our customers as comfortable as possible. We are constantly improving our platform and add all the most relevant trading instruments. We take a benchmark for speed and security in operations. Round-the-clock user support provides a quick response in case of any questions from our customers.

Company goals

Increase trade
The focus on the best trading experience in their field of activity and the vastness of the services offered are the main factors for increasing the volume of trading of active customers on the platform. The constant emphasis on innovation and the client will allow BX-markets to remain one of the leading companies.
Technology course
Advanced technologies in trade are the key to achieving a leading position in the market. Our company constantly monitors all the most current trends in the field of trading and integrates the best of them.

More Trading Opportunities

We believe in building long-term relationships with our active traders. Our commitment to providing individual support at every stage of the customer’s journey is what brought us the love and trust of our customers.



The beginning of the way

The year the company was founded. Registration of a trademark. The first launch of its own platform. Implemented the ability to exchange currencies. Getting first customers and feedback.

history image

First achievements

Over 50,000 registered accounts. Over 400,000 trading operations per day have been completed. Connected stock trading.

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First difficulties and victories

The first large-scale DDoS attack on the company's servers. Heading for protection against external attacks. Integration of protection technologies against all kinds of technical risks. 115,000 open accounts. Over 900,000 trading operations per day. Awarded the 2015 Best FX Broker ASIA Award.

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Volume growth

Launch of a large-scale advertising company. 170,000 open accounts. More than 2 million trading operations per day. Receiving the 2016 Best Trading Conditions and 2016 Best Trading Experience Awards.

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Cryptocurrency Launch

Cryptocurrency boom. Connecting the possibility of trading cryptocurrencies. Overcoming the value of 240,000 open accounts. More than 4 million transactions completed. 2017 Best CFD Broker ASIA Awards.

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Technological breakthrough

Platform optimization. Increased performance and security. Building the technical base of the company. Integration of the ability to trade indices and commodities. Overcoming the mark of 320,000 accounts. More than 5 million trading operations per day.

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Volume increase

Receiving the prestigious 2019 Best Europe Investment Broker award. Achievement of 400,000+ open accounts. More than 7 million trading operations per day. Participation in technical forums and professional exhibitions. Improving the quality of user support.

Trading platform BX-markets - is speed, reliability and customer focus

The BX-markets trading platform has unique capabilities, which makes it utterly superior to all the closest analogues. Supports all major browsers.

Platform Benefits

  • Advanced analytic tools
  • Direct quotes in real time
  • Uninterrupted trading 24/7
  • Instant execution of orders
  • Reliable protection
  • Protection against negative balance
  • Clear interface
  • Leverage from 1: 1 to 1: 500
  • Long-term storage of quotes history